Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Please call me Charlie

A few months ago, Jacob's class started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When his teacher, Vanessa (with him in the picture), reported that Jake was really enjoying the story, I bought him a copy of the book. Whenever he and I went for coffee, I'd bring the book along and we'd spend the time reading. He LOVED the story. At one point, I must have called him Charlie and he laughed. So I did it again and again. And he kept laughing. Finally I gave him a choice and asked if he wanted to change his name to Charlie. My son gave me an unequivocal YES! So he is now referred to as "Charlie" and sometimes by his full name "Charlie Buckett".

How ironic is it that Jacob (I mean Charlie), who doesn't tolerate any food in his mouth, prefers to be referred to by the name of a fictional character whose favorite thing in the world is chocolate?

Some of you might remember that a few years ago he wanted to change his name to Wanda. I guess Charlie is a move in the right direction...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jacob is 9 years old!

The festivities started with a party at school on Friday - Sierra, Jamie, Andrew and I came to Charlie's (aka Jacob, his new preferred name is a story on its own) classroom for the first of his birthday celebrations. He stood in his stander for the entire party and loved blowing out his candles with a fan that was rigged to his jellybean switch.

The next party was the school party, at home on Sunday. We had 2 of Charlie's classmates, 1 of his teachers, his PT, nurse (and her grandson), Bubbie O (again, another story) and the vice principal. And he had a blast! We had some games set up and the prize for the winners was that they got to have their pictures taken with the birthday boy.

Less than an hour after this party ended, the family party with his cousins began. By the time it was over, all three kids were zonked. But it was so worth it! Charlie had so much fun, he had a great big grin the whole day.

The only thing missing from the parties were his princesses, most of whom were out of town. But the special phone calls were a treat!